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What To Expect From Our Team Nurse and How She will Help You

Nursing expectations throughout your surgery journey

When you work with our team you will be lucky enough to work with our team nurse, Sheila Sanders. Sheila has extensive experience as a nurse including pre-operative education, post-anesthesia care, pain management, general surgery, concierge nursing and home health medicine, general orthopedics, joint replacement surgery, and nursing management. With all of the experience that she has, Sheila has become an integral part of our team and will be working with all of our patients in a hands-on manner through all stages of the surgery process.

With the many roles that she takes on for our team, we wanted to focus this blog post on her role in an effort to educate our patients about all of the ways she will be helping them.

The biggest role that Sheila has is with our same day surgery discharge patients. Sheila works to ensure that the discharge of these patients goes smoothly, and they have all the proper plans in place for discharge. The following are some things to consider when preparing for discharge ahead of time. Firstly, arrange for a family member or a friend to accompany you to the hospital on the day of the surgery, you won’t be able to drive after your surgery so it will be beneficial if they could also provide transportation after the surgery. If you need help with transportation accommodations, we are happy to assist in finding a solution. Additionally, arrange for a family member or friend to stay with you for the first night or two after your surgery to assist you and ensure you are adjusting to home life post-surgery.

Additionally, Sheila also handles the joint education teaching class as well as running the clinic day. It is in these informative sessions that you will learn about a variety of different things related to your surgery to help you prepare ahead of time. Sheila will run through all things surgery and anesthesia related, give you a look at what the implants look like, pain expectations and physical therapy as well as medications and pain control. This is an informative time for our patients that will leave you feeling more prepared for your surgery and provides the space to answer any questions you might have ahead of time. With the experience that Sheila has, there is no one better to walk you through it all.

Some of the smaller scale, but equally important, responsibilities that Sheila takes on include all things medication and helping with patients' questions and concerns. Sheila will be the one to answer any and all questions regarding the medication you will be taking, such as how much and when to take it as well as what to expect. Sheila is also a great resource to turn to should you have any additional questions throughout your recovery process.

She is equipped with years of extensive experience and a love for her profession and her patients, Sheila really is the best in the business and will be a comforting and helping hand throughout the process. Should you need a hip or knee replacement, we are certain that Sheila will be a big part in making you feel at home with our team.


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