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Outpatient Physical Therapy In the Home – Getting Your Recovery Process Started in the Comfort of Yo

In-Home Patient Therapy

What is Outpatient Physical Therapy?

The goal at our practice is to take care of personal care of each patient who has a hip or a knee replacement and to do so seamlessly from the moment of their first visit until they are fully rehabbed and happy with their outcome. Outpatient Physical Therapy in the home is one of our unique offerings at MOR with Dr. Vasili Karas’ practice. This program enables surgical and non-surgical patients to start their rehab and recovery process within the comfort of their homes. With post-surgical cases, we are able to meet patients in their homes within 1-2 days of their surgery. This provides patients with a jumpstart on their progress and improves both short- and long-term outcomes. Once appropriate, the outpatient PT in the home coordinates a seamless transfer into the nearest MOR outpatient PT clinic to maintain continuity of care and continue progression toward your personal goals! Throughout the rehab journey, the therapists in the home or in the clinic all communicate directly with Dr. Karas and his clinical team about your progress. Our home therapy team help get patients on the road to their best selves right away and also are a close watchful eye when patients need it most; immediately post-op.


Who does Dr. Vasili’s Outpatient Therapy?

This Outpatient therapy is done by Bryce Renicker. He was born and raised in Tipp City Ohio a suburb of Dayton Ohio. He completed his Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Toledo and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Ohio University. His focus of practice has been orthopedic and performance-based rehabilitation including completion of board-certified Orthopedic Specialist Exam. He enjoys helping people return to and maintain their active and independent lifestyles. Bryce will show up at the patient's home ready to work and ready to help. Aside from a specific therapy regimen, he can do such things as help patients navigate their own stairs, homes, and ensure the environment is safe and conducive to a rapid recovery.


What are the benefits of our outpatient therapy over traditional home health or skilled nursing facilities? 

There are many benefits to doing outpatient therapy. One specific to Dr. Vasili’s practice is prompt & direct communication. In addition, a seamless transition from surgery, to outpatient therapy in the home and then subsequently to the clinic. Our outpatient physical therapist, Bryce, works directly with Dr. Karas and is in frequent communication about each patient's individual case. The patient has the added benefit of constant direct contact and communication with their Physical Therapist who is a link directly to the entire surgical and orthopedic team. This differs from traditional home health which is staffed through an independent home health agency unfamiliar with each unique case, is unfamiliar with Dr. Karas' team, and requires a patient to be strictly homebound. Our model allows for individualized, one on one care from an orthopedic specialist trained Doctor of Physical therapy who understands the nuances of post-op joint recovery vs home health staffed PT who is a "generalist" seeing many different medical and physical conditions. This is just one of many benefits to coincide with getting started sooner due to being visited at your home, a decrease of risk of injury or strain, save time for patients, etc.

This service is provided to most of our patients that live in the Chicagoland area and is covered by most insurance as an outpatient physical therapy visit would be.


Outpatient therapy is just one of many ways we try and set ourselves apart and take care of our patients personally. We pride ourselves on making the process as seamless as possible throughout our patients’ entire experience.


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