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This picture is at the Advocate Aurora Illinois Masonic annual Dinner Dance. My wife Allison and I are with meeting the hospi

Before deciding on undergoing hip replacement, one of my patients recently asked me if I use the same team every time I perform an arthroplasty. This was an insightful question that many people overlook. The core of the question was about communication. Do you communicate well with the multidisciplinary team involved in hip and knee replacement? The resounding answer for my practice is yes.

Before every operative day, I touch base with every person in the hospital that is part of a patient's care. From the educators involved in your preoperative class to the discharge planners assisting in your care after you leave the hospital, I believe everyone that you will come in contact with as a patient should have immediate access to me and to other members of the team as well as the overall treatment plan.

Part of building a team is communication and empowering one another to do our respective jobs well. Connecting on a social level and hearing about family and friends is also important! This picture is at the Advocate Aurora Illinois Masonic annual Dinner Dance. My wife Allison and I are with meeting the hospitalist team at Illinois Masonic and getting ready to dance a little!

As part of Advocate Physician Partners, our team is happy to provide access to more lives in Chicago than any other health system. If you have any questions or would like to ensure we cover your Advocate insurance plan (hint, we do) please do not hesitate to contact our office!

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